Build a Better Blog: Learn something new!

Learn something new!

For this task, Darren has an extensive list of helpful posts and tutorials from his network to help get you or keep you on the right track.  There’s quite a few, but I’m thinking about reading 1-2 a day until I get through the list.  I’ve also got a huge stack of newsletters from Problogger in my “Pending” email folder.    Another great site to get blogging tips?  The SITS girls website — sorry fellas, ladies only on this one!

Let us know which 31DBBB article you found most helpful or another great blog tips website you know of.  Keep up the good work!

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  1. Just read Seth Godin’s ways to Attract Traffic (first in the workbook). There are lots of contradictory pieces of advice which just goes to say that not everything works for everyone. Many of things I’ve encountered before, just realized the importance of sites like Squidoo, Delicious and Digg even more. I’m going to try to do more with those.

  2. I thought about reading all of them, but decided on picking one from each author, because I would get overwhelmed by too much content.

    Overall, 2 main principles that kept coming up as I read: 1) be readable, and 2) Help others.

    1) Be readable. I need to be attentive to colors and fonts. I noticed that if I go to an “overly-creative” or “over-stimulating” blog or website, or one that is just hard to read, I probably won’t come back. Also, I see how important it is to vary lengths, and add pictures to posts, so it’s not just long strings of text.

    2) Help others. The word that kept coming to mind is “community.” My goal is not to focus on what I get out of this, but that I should help others. Connect readers with info that they need (even outside of my blog), link to their sites, and provide solutions.