Build a Better Blog: Task Four

Build a Better Blog: Task Four

Analyze a Top Blog in your Niche

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In the workbook, Darren writes:

“The purpose of this task is, rather than promote yourself on the blog, spend time watching, listening, and observing how the blog operates. The goal is to enable what you learn help shape your own blogging strategy. There is a lot a blogger can learn by spending time on other blogs, particularly those that are doing well. You can pick up all manner of ideas, strategies and tips—things that they do well that you might like to emulate, as well as elements that they’re missing that could help you to differentiate yourself.”

Wondering where to find some Top Ministry blogs?  For starters, check out Tony’s Top 100 Children’s Ministry Blogs.  Once you’ve identified some of your favorites, keep tabs on them with CM Blitz!

I know we’ve got some Youth Ministry sites on this challenge too.  What are some top blogs you’ve found in that field?

Leave a comment and let me know what your faves are!

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  1. Thought I’d start things off: I’ll be looking at Ministry to Children, KidMin360, Relevant Children’s Ministry, Not a MegaChurch, and Stuff Christians Like. Stuff Christians Like, though not specifically a ministry blog, is HOT and I would love to catch some of that energy.

  2. Instead of looking at blogs specifically about churches’ children’s ministries, I was more looking at Parenting Blogs. There are some good ones out there, and it looks like the most popular ones share personal stories.

    What seems to be lacking, in general, is a focus on Gospel-oriented parenting. I think that “Christian” parenting must move beyond mere biblical principles, and more focus on the message of the Gospel.


  3. Good idea, Joey about looking at Parenting blogs and I agree — personal stories do seem to hit it off with readers. What do you mean beyond biblical principals and more gospel? It seems good discipline is founded on biblical principles. Thanks for the comment!

  4. One thing I see with a lot of Christian parenting books and Children’s Ministry curricula is a core focus on values & behavior. Yes, we need values, character, and good behavior, but that should be an overflow of what Christ did for us at the cross. When a child rebels, we don’t need to just give him a verse that says what he should do. BEFORE we get there, we need to lead him to repent, reminding him of his sinful nature, and that is why Jesus had to die. What I see (even seeing this in our own kids) is that what we tend to do is produce “good moralists” — who, in their heart, believe that they are really good people.

  5. True true. I hear you. I just scanned a book called “Spiritual Junk Food” and while I don’t agree with everything — it did make a good point of how humanism has really seeped into the Christian culture. We produce the Fruits of the Spirit with the Holy Spirit, we are kind, etc etc, but we don’t really grasp the power of Christ in our lives. Good point.

  6. I am excited that my blog made the top 100 list. I am really excited that after we finish this blogging adventure to see what God will do with my blog then.

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