Cain & Abel: Dealing with Anger {Preschool & Kindergarten}

Cain & Abel: Dealing with Anger {Preschool & Kindergarten}

This past Sunday, we took a closer look at the story of Cain and Abel from Genesis 4.  Currently, I’m teaching the ages 5-8 Sunday School class and they are very active, so we have to keep things very engaging and hands-on.  The curriculum we’re using (church-wide) is the Answers Bible Curriculum from Answers in Genesis.  I have to say, I’m not impressed.  I use a few things out of the book, but most of my prep time is spent coming up with more hands-on, sensory rich activities.  Here’s some of the activities we used to learn about Cain and Abel.  For this age group, we talked about how everyone feels angry at times (and that’s okay), but we have to make good choices even when we are angry.

Our Schedule

  • Welcome (how was your week)
  • Prayer
  • Have you ever been so mad?
  • Read Story from Kids Bible
  • Balloons
  • Choices Choices – what would have happened if…. ?
  • Bubbles Self Control
  • Drawing picture (I was so mad, but….)


If you’d like to use some of the same stuff, I wrote out the schedule as a lesson below!

Getting Started:

Begin class by asking children how their week was.  Be sure to ask about high points and low points.  Allow children to share prayer requests with each other and take time to pray for each of the requests presented.  If possible, go around the table and have each child pray a little.  It may be awkward at first, but practicing out loud each week will help build their confidence.

Select a children’s Bible and read the story of Cain and Abel to the children.  If you have trouble finding a children’s Bible with this account in it (I sure did), you might want to read the first few pages from the Jesus Storybook Bible to set the stage about sin entering the world.  (Just for reference — I haven’t quite made up my mind on this book.  It’s very vivid, but it does take a lot of liberties with the text).  Tell the story of Cain and Abel in your own words, using your own Bible as reference.

Balloon Burst:

After introduction, pass out balloons to the kids.  Instruct them to hold their balloons and not blow them up just yet.  Talk about a time that you were very mad.  Blow up the balloon a little bit each time you add to the story.

Ask: Does it ever seem like anger seems to grow inside of you?  Just like the air is building up in this balloon (blow a little more in), anger can feel like it’s getting bigger and bigger inside of us too!

Ask: What do you think we should do when we feel this angry?  (Allow kids to answer).  Yes!  We need to let some of the anger out.  We can do this by taking a few deep breaths.  Or sometimes we can count to ten.  Or sometimes even walk away and take a deep breath.  When we do things like this, it can help us get rid of our anger (let out some of the air from the balloon).

Warning: When I did this, it made a ridiculous noise and sent the class into fits of laughter.  You’ve been warned.

Allow kids to blow up their balloons and “practice letting out the anger“.  This was a super fun activity for the kids, though a few kids did have trouble getting their balloons started.  After practicing “letting go of anger” a few times, instruct the kids to blow up the balloons and tie them (they will probably need help tying.  Get the hand sanitizer out).  Allow them to draw an angry face on the balloons to remind them what happens when we hold onto our anger.

Take a group picture with the balloons and then set them in the corner for later (we made a corral out of chairs to keep our balloons contained).  Have the kids sit at the table and write the word “Choices” on the board.

Choices, Choices:

Say: Cain had some choices to my in the true story we read about today. His first choice was what kind of sacrifice to bring.

Write: Sheep and Fruit on the board (see picture below).

Say: He could have brought a lamb like God asked, or he could choose to bring the fruits of his soil to God.

Ask: What do you think would happen if Cain chose sheep? (Write down the kids answers as they same them)

Ask: What do you think would happen if Cain chose fruit of the soil? (Write down the kids answers as they same them)


Say: Good answers. Cain chose to bring fruit and God was not please.  Now Cain was faced with a new choice.  God was not happy.  What could Cain do?  (Write down the kids answers as they same them)

Talk through the choices and consequences in this way as long as kids continue to stay engaged, writing down answers as you go (see picture below).  Conclude by saying: Cain had a lot of choices in this true story.  He continued to make bad choices, but it didn’t have to be this way!  He could have repented at any time and chose to do the right thing instead.  We can make good choices too.  Even if we do something wrong, we don’t have to keep on making bad choices.  We can deal with our consequences, repent, and keep moving forward!

Don’t Pop That Bubble!

Gather kids together and have them sit cross-legged on the floor.  Explain that you are going to blow bubbles and they must sit very still.  They must use self-control and not pop the bubbles.  Encourage kids to watch the bubbles fall, but they must not pop them or even move!

Blow bubbles for a few minutes, praising the kids that are using self-control.

Say: It’s not easy to sit there and just let the bubbles fall.  However, the more we practice self-control, the easier it becomes.  Who could have used some self-control in our story today?  (Allow kids to answer).

I Was So Mad….

Pass out paper to the kids and have them draw a line down the middle.  On one side of the page, have kids draw a picture of a time when they were very mad.  On the other side of the page, have them draw a picture of themselves doing the right thing even when they were mad.  Have kids show each other their pictures and talk about what is happening in them.

Cain and Abel Drawing Sheet

Finish out the class with a closing prayer.

Hope you enjoyed this!  For more lessons complete with games, crafts, and object lessons — check out my books:






Cain and Abel Drawing Sheet

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  1. Thanks for sharing. With kids, you just can’t go wrong with balloons! I’m big on hands on teaching (a must when you’ve got ADHD kiddo’s) so always looking for fresh ideas.