Called to Be Amish {Book Review}

Called to Be Amish {Book Review}

The back of this book asked the question “Have you ever wished you were Amish?” and after reading this book, I can say with certainty that I will never wish to be Amish again!  If you’ve ever read an Amish fiction (I confess to reading one), the off the grid, simplistic lifestyle can look idealistic and peaceful.

Simple Amish Life: Is it for you?

This book, written by an “English” woman who turned Amish is a huge eye-opener to the hardships many of the Amish endure. Though the writing style is a bit disjointed, the stories are very interested and keep you reading.  It reads in a very chronological way, which is isn’t always the most compelling way to frame a memoir, but it does give a very clear sense of the author’s life experiences.

Amish Living

I really admire this woman’s dedication to her family and appreciate the credit she gives to God for helping her through hard times. Currently pregnant with my third child, I cannot imagine the difficulty it would be to be pregnant with #10 with nine little ones underfoot.  Add to that having to sew all your clothes, feed and raise chickens, and wash everything by hand and I feel exhausted just reading about it!

Certainly, it was a great glimpse into true Amish life and I’m glad I took the time to read it.  Grab your own copy of Called to Be Amish

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