Using Decorations to Draw Kids to God

Using Decorations to Draw Kids to God

I remember reading the book  Making Your Children’s Ministry the Best Hour of Every Kids Week when I first starting in Children’s Ministry (seven years ago!).  I loved that the author and her team were so invested in creating a quality program for the kids — one that shone with excellence and communicated “We Value Kids” to the families who attended church.  I don’t remember the details of the book (it was seven years ago), but I know one way to really create excitement is through decorations.  They make a terrific visual impact and a great first impression for new guests.  It certainly ups the “cool factor” and keeps kids coming back time and time again.

Image from the Worlds of Wow website

Image from the Worlds of Wow website

Of course, decorations shouldn’t become the focus of the ministry, but a well-planned decorating project can add to the overall experience at church.  If you’re thinking of taking your decorations to the next level, be sure to check out Worlds of Wow.

Worlds of Wow

Image from the Worlds of Wow website

Worlds of Wow passionately believes your kids ministry space should be the coolest place for a child to want to go – so that they want to spend more time at church than anywhere else! The tools they use to accomplish this are children’s church themes and indoor playgrounds. It’s kids church decor taken to a whole new level!

Check out this terrific promo video:

I love what Doug said in the video: “They caught the vision of the ministry”.  How amazing!  

I think so often, we leave the arts out of church.  We keep things neat, clean, and sterile and somewhat devoid of creativity.  That’s so silly when God is such a creative being!  I love that the people at Worlds of Wow are using their talents to enhance the house of God and make it an exciting and fun place for kids to be.

What Do You Think?

Can decorating your ministry space be a spiritual exercise?

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