Can I Tell You A Story? {Why I Love Ministry}

Did you ever catch the Kidmin1124 Radio show when it was still on the air?  (If not, you can catch old episodes here).  If so, you’ll remember the part of the show, near the beginning, where Wayne would make everyone share a story about “Why We Do What We Do”. I love hearing ministry stories like the ones we shared on the show and thought you might like a few stories as well.

So what do you think?  Can I tell you a story?

Cool Tools at the School Library

A few months back, we were going through Discipleland “How to Use Your Bible” curriculum (which I cannot recommend highly enough!).  We introduced the kids to Cool Bible Tool such as Bible Dictionaries, Commentaries, and Concordances then we spent a little time during small groups exploring these new tools.  One girl, Hannah, seemed especially interested despite the fact that she was still pretty new to the whole church scene.  She had attended Vacation Bible School, but had only made it to a few weeks of our regular program so far.  Imagine my surprise when Hannah rolled into church the next week with a Bible dictionary tucked up under her arm!  She had gone to her school library and checked out a Bible dictionary so she could practice at home more with a cool Bible tool!

Stirring In My Heart

I remember when I first started as the Children’s Ministry director at my church.  I was fresh out of college, high on ideas and low on experience.  There were three faithful ladies who had been carrying the Children’s program and they supported me entirely as I muddled my way into setting up a program and growing as a leader.  Doris was one of those ladies.  She was a wonderful role model to the small group of girls she worked with.  She expected a lot out them and often pushed them out of their comfort zone towards Jesus.  After the program was up and running a bit, Doris stepped away to allow room for other volunteers.

Fast forward five years.  The Wednesday night program has grown and we were in need for a few more small group leaders.   I had put opportunity in the bulletin and also had begun talking to a few people about it.  Doris approached me and said that she was recently cleaning out her basement and had stumbled onto her old Children’s Ministry materials.  She had felt a stirring in her heart and wondered if she should return to the program.  She began praying about it and then read my bulletin announcement the next Sunday in church.  She rejoined the group and did a great job working with the kids once again.

What About You?

Share your own story with me!  I’d love to hear it!!


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  1. I love the story of the Bible Dictionary. I’ve often had people ask me when I was Children’s Director why I did what I did (implying working with adults was more productive). How do you explain that molding children and see them interested in God and loving learning more about the Bible is amazing! Forming without re-forming.
    Pamela recently posted..Sharing the Shelter #9 and Giveaway

  2. Pamela,
    Thanks so much for stopping by! I was just listening to a training CD this week and the woman (I forget her name!) said Children’s Ministry workers are in the “dough industry” because we get to shape the kids before they get hard. So true. I love kids enthusiasm and unpredictability!

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