Casting a Vision {Bulletin Board Display}

Casting a Vision {Bulletin Board Display}

We recently revamped our vision statement at East Lake Road Alliance Church, and I am loving the new slogan.  Now, I’ve been at my church for over 15 years if you could the four years I was away at college, and I could not tell you what our previous vision statement was.  I actually had to go digging around for an old annual report to find it.  Here’s what it USED to be: 

To bring glory to God by fulfilling  Jesus’ mandate to make disciples, equip believers, and proclaim the good news in our immediate community (Harborcreek, Lawrence Park, Wesleyville), the surrounding area,
and to the ends of the earth.

Now, in theory, I like this statement, but it’s a bit wordy.  

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And if the church vision wasn’t hard enough to remember, we also had separate ministry vision statements.   The Children’s Ministry department was: 

“To ignite a desire for a genuine and passionate relationship with Christ and to equip the kids for the spiritual battle that they are in.”

Our Vision for Children's Ministry

And the Youth Ministry department was: 

“Love God. Love Others. Live it Out.” 

All of these were FINE, but they didn’t unify the church in one accord.  So, when the leadership announced our new church-wide vision statement, I was excited to fully embrace the new mantra.  

The short version is: 





And the long version is: 

Living the Call Together by: 

 LEADING people to Christ,

BUILDING people up in faith,

EQUIPPING all for service,

SENDING all to serve,

 In obedience to Christ’s command – Matthew 28:19-20

What do you think?

Much catchier, huh?  I love how it transcends ministries and really can be applicable to every program and every age group.  We’ve already had our T-shirts redone.  🙂

New Vision Children's Ministry Shirts

Of course, simply having an easy-to-remember vision doesn’t mean that everyone in your church is going to remember it.  In fact, just the other day I was sitting in Sunday School and the vision came up in discussion.  Not a single person in the room (besides me) even knew the vision statement.  Now, that’s not their fault.  That’s a leadership issue, and I decided to put up a bulletin board display so all my fellow classmates could learn and remember our vision.

Setting Up the Bulletin Board Display

To begin, I put the short version across the top and then filled in details in the second row.  If I would do it again, I would have put some nice background paper up first.  Sigh.

Casting a Vision

 Next, I filled in the verse which serves as the inspiration to the vision: Matthew 28: 19-20.

Casting a Vision


At the suggestion of my friend, Paulette, I also put “Our Vision” at the top.  It a bit rudimentary, but it gets the vision in front of the people and that’s the first step!

What About You?

How do you get the church’s vision in front of the people?

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