Chatting with Group Publishing about VBS

Chatting with Group Publishing about VBS

Got a call today from two group members who are part of the team that develops the Holy Land VBS. They had read a little bit on the blog and were looking for feedback about the crafts and music and anything else. They were great to talk with and really appreciative of the feedback. These were my main points:

  1. Make crafts ideas more sturdy and less kit oriented. I feel like in the kits, most of the work is already done for kids, and they whip through the crafts and then have nothing to do (but get in trouble!). Not only that, the kits are a little out-of-budget for smaller churches.
  2. Make the music more upbeat! And brand new — some of the songs in this year’s Egypt were repeats from other curriculums, and I know the kids love to learn brand new songs for VBS.
  3. Make the DVD commericials more “newly churched” oriented. They do a great job at catching your attention, but the current commericials don’t do much for explaining the actual program.

Daily Dramas

I did also mention I was bummed out that the spontaneous dramas weren’t back this year, and Casey and Shannon (the ladies I talked with) said they were available! They took them out because it caused a volunteer crunch for some churches, but got so many requests, they now have them available. She’ll be sending me an email about where to find them.

Decorating Tips

Also in the works are some “Decorating Tips” from everyday materials. I think this will be a great resource, since that’s what many of us are already doing. I think maybe it will be available in a DVD format — we’ll have to wait for next year to see!


All in all, great chat, and I’m very glad to have talked with Casey and Shannon. I hope the feedback helps and the program continues to improve.

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