Children’s Catechism: Getting Started

Children’s Catechism: Getting Started

This week we’re officially starting a new curriculum in our Wednesday night Kids’ Club program.  I really wanted to “get back to basics” this year and dig deep into both God’s Word and the core tenets of a Biblical worldview.    I found the Kids’ Quest curriculum by Great Commission Publications recently and decided to give it a try.  I really like the content, but the “Small Group” component is a little lacking, so I’ll be digging around for some supplemental material and posting it here. Hopefully it will be a help to both our small group leaders and readers of Growing Kids Ministry.  If you’ve used the curriculum or have some ideas of your own, please leave me a comment and let me know!

UPDATE: We’ve finished this series in our midweek.  If you’d like to see our complete LESSON ROUND UP, head on over to this post! 

For week one, we cover Question #1 and Question #2 in the Children’s Catechism.   Please find some small group activity ideas for each question below.

Question #1: Who Made Me?  (God)

  • Making a self portrait with yarn hair, google eyes, fabric scraps for clothes and other silly materials  (talk about differences among people as you work)
  • Baby Picture Game: Have everyone bring in a baby picture and guess who’s is who’s.
  • Any Picture Show and Tell: Have kids bring any picture featuring themselves or their family.  Have them share the story surrounding the picture and remind kids that God made everyone special and we’re all unique.
  • Hand Print with age and height, etc:  This is something my son did in his Tiny Tots class, but it fits perfect with this lesson as well, especially with the younger kids.  For the older kids, you might want to leave out the weight part.  🙂

I am Hand

  • Water color Name: This easy to do activity will help everyone learn each other’s names and kids will get to paint!   Double bonus.  Just print out each child’s name using the “Outline” feature in Microsoft word and have them use water colors to decorate.  Check out examples at Design Editor.

water color name

Question #2: What Else Did God Make?  (God Made All Things)

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  1. This is great! So glad to hear you’re teaching a catechism to the children in your church. We love teaching Catechism for Girls and Boys to our 5 year old daughter. We’ve been doing them for a couple of years. We teach a new one as she finishes learning the last one. We also review them frequently with her. Then we help her memorize a Scripture verse (or verses) that goes along with the catechism. I think it’s important that she learn that these truths are from God’s word! (Neither my husband nor I learned catechisms as children, and I wish I had in our Baptist church.) Way to go!

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