Children’s Catechism: Why Should You Glorify God?

Children’s Catechism: Why Should You Glorify God?

We’ve been working through the Children’s Catechism in our midweek Kids Club program at church and even though the word “catechism” might sound a little scary, we’ve been getting some pretty positive feedback about the whole experience.  I’ll be anxious to see how week things are sticking with the kids during our fourth week Celebration (Review and Recitation week).    You can check out last week’s questions in this post along with some helpful articles regarding the catechism’s place in a modern day church.

This week, we’ll be covering Question #5:

Question: Why Should You Glorify God?

Answer: Because He made me and takes care of me.

My brother also made a super terrific handout to go with our lessons that you can check out below.  It has our specific dates on it, so you might not be able to use it in your ministry, but it might give you a good starting point for your own handout.


Grab the PDF Version Here

The curriculum that we’re using suggests the story of Elijah being fed by the ravens as the key Scripture passage (1 Kings 17), so of course Elijah crafts and activities would be a great addition to this lesson.

Elijah Fed by the Ravens

Here’s a few I found:

God Provides

God Provides Bible Verse Printables

Image from Hands On Bible Teacher

handprint crow craft

God Provides for Me (Supplemental Activities)

  • Share you own story.  Kids want to know that what we’re preaching every week is real.  Be prepared to share a way that God has provided for you in the recent past.  We’ve started doing this in our Sunday School — sharing “God-moments” that we’ve experienced throughout the week — and it’s amazing how often you see God providing and directing your life when you begin looking for it.
  • Coloring Pages:

Time to Eat Coloring Page

From Ministry to Children

  • Read Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs with kids (idea from Ministry to Children) and compare and contrast details from the Elijah story.  You could even use a giant Venn diagram for more of a visual effect.


Grab this free printable at Student Worksheets

  • Make bread with the kids.  You can either make a biblical recipe (find one in this lesson from Calvary church) or grab those frozen bread rolls in the store.
  • Things that I Need Game: This fun game shows how much God provides every day as well as gets kids up and moving.  Grab the full directions over at Scripture Union.
  • God Provides for Me Scavenger Hunt: Get Inspired by this game over at Loyala Press.
  • Check out this sample lesson from David C. Cook for a few more ideas on “God is our Provider”
  • Make a care package for others.  Sometimes God uses the church (and Christians) to provide for others.  Put together a care package for someone in need or make cards for someone who needs some cheering.
  • Provision in the Bible: God is consistent throughout time.  We see in this lesson how He provided for Elijah, but where else in the Bible do we see God providing?  You might want to provide some picture Bibles or cool Bible tools to help kids with this task.
  • Crazy Stories: I remember hearing an amazing story about how God provided a missionary with a nail to show the native people – -inside of a can of tuna fish!  Sometimes these remarkable stories stick with kids for a long time — google around to find a few stories of your own!  Or ask a missionary that is partnered with your church to share some stories via Skype! Check out George Mueller’s story for inspiration.

Complete Children’s Catechism Series

What About You?

I’d love to hear your ideas and thoughts as well.  Leave me a comment!

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