Don’t You Want to Be Part of this Story? {The Gathering}

Don’t You Want to Be Part of this Story? {The Gathering}

Amazing story telling.  That’s how Chris Brown starts out his general session.   Details pour out as the story comes together and I realize he is telling the story of Jesus sending the demons to the herd of pigs, found in Mark 5.    Perhaps you’re familiar with the story, after the pigs run over the side of the cliff, people grow angry with Jesus and tell him to leave.   Jesus doesn’t protest.  Instead, he gets into the boat and rows away.  The scariest part of this story is not the demons.  It is that Jesus will give you exactly what you want, even if that includes doing ministry without Him.

Is that what we want?   To do things “our way”, even if it means pushing Jesus out of the picture?

Chris tells story after story from this chapter in Jesus’ ministry, drawing out the emotions of the people involved….the parents, the ones suffering, the sick, and the people surrounding them.  The desperation of Jairus, watching his young daughter get sicker and sicker.  The humiliation of the woman who has been bleeding for 12 years.  The surprise Jesus must feel when the power has left him.

Think again of the woman. Imagine how she feels.  The woman who has been medically mistreated at her own expense and now she is exposed once again.  Imagine the crowd’s response when she touched Jesus, the healer, and made him unclean.   Mark 5:33 says, “When the woman, knowing what had happened to her, came and fell at his feet and, trembling with fear, told him the whole truth.”

Trembling with fear.

What would Jesus do?  What would He say?

Surely the crowd would be calling out slander towards her, calling her terrible names.

What did Jesus do?

He says, “My Daughter….”

For those of you who have a daughter, you know all the implications that word entails.   Such love.  Such protection.  Such grace.    He gives her dignity, not only with this beloved name, but also with this statement, “…your faith has made you well”.

Imagine this woman telling her story.  Telling her part in the Big God Story.

What a beautiful story.

But what about Jairus?

Jesus continues the journey with Jairus when a servant meets them and says that his daughter has died (Mark 5:35).

Can you imagine?

Died.  Dead.

What would Jairus have done?  Would he have fallen to the ground, sobbing?  Continued walking in disbelief?

I’ll tell you what Jesus did.

He ignored what they said and continued on.

When they finally reached the house, Jesus sent everyone away except his three closest disciples.  The little girl’s mother and father stood nearby, probably wondering…”What could Jesus possibly do?”

He took her hand, spoke to her, and she came back to life.

Can you imagine?

Really. Stop for a minute and imagine.

Utter despair and then amazement.  Absolute amazement.

Chris paints a possible picture of  the neighborhood after Jesus came through town.  A woman, who perhaps couldn’t sleep, because she’s suddenly free to sit and walk and talk without restriction.  Perhaps the man, newly freed from a legion of demons, gathered around long lost family and friends, catching up on stories.  Perhaps Jairus’ daughter, completely healed of her sickness, running through the house at 3 AM, too excited to lay down.


And these are all from ONE chapter in Mark.

Don’t you want to be part of that story?

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  1. Great post, wish I was there to get the full experience!

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