Christmas Break Fun

Christmas Break Fun

Looking for some activities to do with the little ones while they are on Christmas break?  Here’s some great ideas from The Activity Book.

  • My Life Story: Gather photos of your child and important people in her life.  Put the photos in a sturdy photo album, writing captions and names if you’d like.  This a great way for kids to learn the names of distant relatives.  You could also have your child make up a story as they turn the pages of their book, incorporating each person into the story as they go!
  • Dinner Party: Use one of the gift boxes as a table for this pretend game.  Children can make menus out of construction paper and cut pictures from magazines for illustrations.  Serve pretend or real food.
  • Picture Match:  Collect and cut out a number of magazine pictures that can be grouped.  For example, cut out two pictures of dogs, babies, food, houses, cars, etc.  Glue each picture onto an index card and have your child play the game by finding matches of like items.
  • Trace Me: Use a giant sheet of paper (butcher paper or something similiar).  Have your child lie down and then trace his outline.  Have your child color in his face and outfit.  Cut out the form and hang it on his bedroom door. You could also draw a giant Christmas tree and have them decorate it.
  • Butterfly Wings: Fold a piece of white paper in half and then unfold it and place it on the table.  Have your child put a few drops of paint on various colors on the paper (one side of the crease only).  While the paint is still wet, refold the paper and press the two halves together.  Open again and let dry.  Once draw, cut into the shape of wings for a beautiful butterfly!
  • Paper Snowflakes – decorate the house in style, no matter what climate you live in!

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