Christmas Crafts & Projects for the Family

Christmas Crafts & Projects for the Family

Are you looking for a few quick games and activities for the family to do during your Christmas get together this year?  I’ve rounded up a few crafts we’ve been doing this month along with some of my other favorites from other blogs and websites.  Hope you find something that fits your family!

Paper Plate Angel

Paper Plate Angel

This is a super simple project even the littlest hands can do.  Just cut one plate into fourths (each quarter is a wing) and then cut another plate into a pizza shape.  Cut a head from the scraps and glue it all together.  Add some glitter for some extra pizzazz!

Candy Cane Bead Jewelry

Candy Cane Bracelets

I brought this activity to my parents recent office party and everyone seemed to enjoy it, from the 3 year olds to the 12 year olds (I was with the kids, of course).  You can grab a pack of red and white beads at your local craft store for about $3 each.  We used hex string here, but even yarn would do.

Decorate Your Own Sugar Cookies

Decorate Your Own Sugar Cookie

Don’t be put off by the giant mess you see here.   This was created by a swarm of about forty kids after our Christmas play at church.  I’m sure things will be much more controlled at your house!   Basically, I just made some really simple sugar cookie shapes (leave me a comment if you’d like the recipe) and put some frosting in bags along with a smorgasbord of sprinkles.

Simple Sugar Cookies

Now that we’ve tried it once, I think a small bit of frosting in dixie cups would be a better option.  Live and learn!

Construction Paper Strip Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Strips

Originally spotted on Mrs. Lee’s Kindergarten’s blog, this is a terrific activity for teaching kids about short and long.   The kids in Children’s Church also loved it.  We used this craft in conjunction with lesson #2 in the Truth in Tinsel Church curriculum, but it’s a great stand alone activity too.  I had a bunch of stickers for the kids to use as “ornaments” after they had constructed their tree.

Stickers for the Christmas Tree

The letter stickers were especially popular.  Go figure.

Crazy Crayon Reindeer Canvas

Crazy Crayon Reindeer

This was something we did this last week with the day care kids (age 3 &4).  It was super interesting to see how some crayons melted faster than others, though be prepared to have wax flying everywhere!  Put down some old wrapping paper.  🙂  Check out the full instructions at All Free Kids Crafts.

Bead Sorting Game

Bead Sort

 While you’re out grabbing red and white beads for the candy cane jewelry, be sure to grab some green as well to play this fun sorting game.  Up the difficulty by adding tongs.   To object of the game is to sort all the beads (different amounts for different age level) in one minute.  To start, I put one bead in each glass so they would know where to sort, but you could also mark the cups with markers or tape.

Bead Sorting Game

I had the beads ready to go for each age/grade level, starting with 10 for Pre-K and Kindergarten and ending with 25 beads for the oldest kids (5th/6th grade).

Recycled Gingerbread Village

This station was a huge hit at our Kids for Christ Christmas party at church.  I was inspired by this post over at Paging Super Mom, but our houses didn’t exactly come out as nice.  Oh well, the kids had a blast!

Gingerbread Cardboard

Basically, you raid the recycle bin for milk cartons, cereal boxes and other square-looking things.  Wrap the boxes in either festive paper or brown packing paper.  Embellish with gum drops, candy, stickers, paint, and whatever red and white things you can find laying around the house!

Recycled Cardboard Gingerbread House

Here’s one of the finished houses.  I love the little gingerbread people.  I picked up a pack of 20 at Michael’s for $2 — totally worth it!

Christmas Bingo

Christmas Bingo

What is it about bingo that everyone loves?  I found some great cards over at Kid Scraps — there are 8 variations you can print out along with caller cards.  Though, I just printed out an extra card and cut it up.. less paper.

Christmas Bingo (Sunday School Christmas Party)

I laminated the cards and used red river rocks (dollar store) to mark them.  that way, we could use them again and again.  This is one station that was always full at the Christmas party at church.

Marshmallow Toss

Mini Marshmallow Toss

If you’re willing to endure a little mess, this marshmallow toss game is a blast. We lined kids up on two lines on the floor, but standing them on either side of a table like this third grade class is also a good idea.  One side starts with about 15 mini marshmallows and the other side has to catch them in the cup.  After one minute, reverse the process.   We couldn’t really determine a fair winner, but the kids loved the game all the same!

Q-tip Snowglobe

Q-tip Snowglobe

Inspired by this post at Mommyapolis, I love the simplicity of this craft and how the q-tip cuts down on paint waste.   Basically, you use a q-tip and white paint to make a snowman in a snowglobe.  Use other color paints to jazz it up.

Merry Christmas!!

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