Christmas Games and Easy Activities

Are you looking for some quick and easy Christmas themed activities for your Children’s Ministry?  Want to have something easy to set up and implement for those kids who might not be practicing for the Christmas play?   Take a look at some of these games, crafts, and activities, perfect for your Children’s Ministry (you could also include a few of these ideas in your weekly newsletter for parents to do at home).

My Personal Favorite: Minute to Win It Games!

We played a few of these games at a recent family gathering and even though it took a few minutes for everyone to warm up, people ended up having a lot of fun!  If you’d read my other Minute to Win it posts, you know that kids generally love these games and the minute time limit keeps things lively and fun.  The games we played were Cup Stacking, Do You Hear What I Here, and Hung With Care. We also played a version of Merry Fishmas during church last week and the kids loved it!

Games 1024x512 More Christmas Fun!

More Christmas Fun!

Our Version of Merry Fishmas! (Easy! Easy!)

Grab More Game Ideas At:

Nativity Puppets

Got a little downtime and some little ones to entertain?  Come prepared with some nativity finger puppets or make a set as an activity together!  Here’s where you can find some simple puppets to use:

 More Christmas Fun!

Find these at 2 Teaching Mommies 

f nativity scene More Christmas Fun!

Find these at Making Friends

 manger scene More Christmas Fun!

Find these at Scrapbook Scrapbook

Activity Bags

Rachel over at the Kids Activity Blog has ideas for 20 Simple activity bags.  Make these up ahead of time so you’ll be ready to whip one (or ten) out as soon as you hear the dreaded “I’m bored!”

activity bags with number 300x262 More Christmas Fun!

Christmas Wreath

Kid Friendly Christmas Decorations

Simple. Quick.  Rip up some paper.  Cut a paper plate.  Make a wreath.  Anyone can do it!  (Get full instructions and other projects at this blog).

Want something a little more complicated (and fancy!) for older kids?

Check out this fabulous wreath from Our Small Town Idaho Life

Christmas decorations for Kids

Christmas Tree

Got some extra ripped up green paper left over from the above wreath?  Make a Christmas tree while you’re at it!  This is also a terrific AFTER Christmas project — make the whole tree out that fabulous wrapping paper that you wanted to save, but didn’t exactly know WHAT to do with it.

 More Christmas Fun!

Find the instructions over at Play and Learn with Dana.

Finger Print Light Strand

You may have spotted these around Pinterest recently.  We did this project as part of the Truth in Tinsel Church Curriculum and the kids loved it.  Parents thought it was adorable too!  Grab some ink pads and away you go!

More Christmas Fun!

What About You?

What do you during the December month at church?  What about at home?   Leave me a comment and tell me all about it!

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Parts of this post were originally published on 3 Boys and Dog on December 26, 2012.

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  1. Merry Fishmas! I love it! (And my little girl has the same dress as the girl in the picture). How cute!

  2. That’s too funny about the dress! The kids really seemed to enjoy that game. Thanks for stopping by, Rochelle!

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