Three Ways to Color Eggs with Toddlers

Three Ways to Color Eggs with Toddlers

Are you looking for a fun family activity this Easter, but not quite ready for full on egg coloring?  I may have a compromise for you.  I love love love coloring eggs, so I wanted the kids to get involved as soon as they were able, but I knew passing out eggs to bunch of two year olds was just asking for trouble.  Here’s what we did:

Coloring Egg Pic Monkey

OPTION #1: Food Coloring in Muffin Tin

For this option, just fill the muffin tins with water and put a drop or two of food coloring in each reservoir.  I made each row the same color.

Coloring Eggs with Toddler

Let kids roll eggs around until desired color is achieved and then set aside to dry.

Coloring Eggs (6)

Be sure to cover the table well with newspaper or some old blankets/sheets. There will be a bit of a mess.  Oh, and put old shirts on the kids (I’m guess you already knew that).

OPTION #2: Break out the Markers

This second option might SEEM like it would be less messy than option #1, but don’t let yourself be fools.  Marker may stain little ones hands… the markers we used stayed on for days (note to self, buy washable markers next time).

Coloring Eggs with Toddlers


This is a fun one for the kids and it improves their fine motor skills.  I think it might even count as a pre-writing activity.  🙂  Oh yeah.

Coloring Eggs (3)

Look at those beautiful creations.

What? You want to see Option #1 and Option #2 combined?  Alright, you asked for it.  Tada!

Coloring Eggs (5)


If the eggs need even more sparkle once they are dyed (or if you want to jump straight to glitter), grab some liquid glue and water it down about 1/2 and 1/2.  Have kids paint the glue onto the egg.

Gluing eggs

Once that is complete, sprinkle a little glitter directly on the egg and a little more glitter on the plate.  Have the kids roll the egg around until it is a glitter perfection!

Glitter Egg

Rolling! Rolling! Rolling!


Happy Easter!

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