Constant Prayer: Getting Started

Flickr by Garrett Crawford

I’ve been reading through the book Constant Prayer.  I’ve been surprised about the engaging nature of this book and am thinking about incorporating the daily office into my schedule.  I thought I’d share the general outline with you as well to give you an idea of the practice as well (found on pages 31-34).   Check out the full review of the book here.

  1. Call to Prayer, Preparation, or request for God’s presence
  2. Psalm of Invitation
  3. Collect – a formal prayer that collects or gathers us all up, binding us together as a community of believers
  4. Hymn of praise
  5. Psalm appointed for the day
  6. Reading of Scripture –  to root our worship and prayer in the Word of God
  7. Response to the Word – can be a moment of silence, reflection, or journaling
  8. Prayers of the People – Prayers of thanksgiving, intercession, and petition
  9. Confession of Sin
  10. Blessing (such as “Thanks be to God”)

This basic framework exists no matter what prayer book you choose to use.  Speaking of books, here are a few worth taking a look at.

The Divine Hours: Prayers for Springtime (Tickle, Phyllis)

A Guide to Prayer for All Who Seek God: Paperback edition

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