Construction Paper Review Game

Construction Paper Review Game

Looking for a hands-on way to review a recent lesson or series?  Check out this simple construction paper review game, which can easily be adapted to any passage or series!

Before the game begins, you will need to compile a list of review questions related to your passage or account.  There are many curriculum that provide this at the end of each lesson — just go back through your book and gather up the questions.  You will Construction Paper Review Game need at least twice the number of questions as construction paper places.  It’s okay to repeat questions if you get desperate.

Preparing the Game

#1 Place pieces of construction paper all around the outside of a table.  You may want to secure in place with pieces of sticky tack or tape.

#2 Make a giant dice with a Styrofoam cube and black paint.  This step is totally optional, but does add to the “over-sized” fun. You can also use a jumbo die (like this one on Amazon).

#3 Give each child a note card and have them draw a self-portrait.  Make sure they include their name a the bottom of the card.

Construction Paper Review Game#4  Have everyone begin with their card on start (if you have a large number of kids, you might want to have them work in pairs by taping their cards together). One child (usually the youngest) will roll the dice and advance that many spaces. You will then ask them a review question.  If they get the question correct, they move forward an additional 2 spaces.  If the get the question incorrect, they move backward 1 space.  After their turn, the next person in line rolls and takes their turn.

We had all the kids sitting in chairs against the walls around the room.  This made it easy to see who’s turn was next because they were always in the same order.

#5 Continue to move through the kids in the same way, rolling and answering questions around the board.  For our group, it Construction Paper Review Gamewas okay for two people to share a space, but if there were already two people on the board, you moved to the next space (bonus!).

The first person to reach the finish line wins.

Happy Review!


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