Crash! Bang! Boom!

Crash! Bang! Boom!

I received a review copy of David C. Cook’s Fun Science that Teaches God’s Word for Tweeners.  Along with most Children’s Ministers, I’m a huge fan of object lessons, especially when they have to do with cool science tricks.   The book contains 27 lessons, divided into different categories: The Nature of God, Our Relationship with God and Our Relationship with Others.   Most of the object lessons are great.  The materials are easy to find, and the experiments are easy to perform.   And, from my experience, they really seem to stick with the kids.

We did a wacky scientist night using this book the other day.  It’s not a curriculum book, so keep in mind each lesson will only take about 5-10 minutes and you’ll have to supplement with other stuff in order to round out the night.  There are so extra puzzle pages that go with the lesson, but nothing out of this world.  For us, we used three of the lessons, all focused around the theme of sin and keeping it out of your life.

During one lesson, the objects are a terra cotta pot and a ceramic glazed pot.  You weigh them both and then set them in a basin of water.   During the soak, our crazy scientist explained that the water was like all the bad stuff (sin) in the world.  One pot had protection (glaze) from the Holy Spirit and the other didn’t.  After 5 minutes, you weigh them again and find the terra cotta pot is heavier, from all the “sin” that had seeped into it’s life.    Later, I heard that one little boy raced hope to share the lesson with his dad.  “Dad, you need the glaze!” He explained, “You need to be protected!”

It’s exciting to see lessons that are effective and to know that kids are taking the lessons home to possibly unsaved parents as well.  I think this book would be a great resource for any Children’s Minister to have.  The book is designed for preteens, but we used it in our 4-10 year old group.  Some of the lessons did seem more complex, and I think would be perfect for the preteen group.   Pick up your copy at the David C. Cook website!

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