Creation Lesson: Cut and Snip

Creation Lesson: Cut and Snip

As you probably already know, we started a new curriculum this year in our Children’s Church program called Stickers through the Bible.  Naturally, we began in Genesis with the creation account.  It just so happened that we talked about creation the week before during our Wednesday night program (God made all things), so I wanted to do something that was a little different and attention catching for the lesson time.

Stickers through the Bible (2)


I found a book called Snip & Tell Bible Stories on my shelf and thought it would be a terrific resource for the lesson.  Basically, as you are teaching, you are cutting a piece of paper and then you open it to reveal some visual that coordinates with the scripture passage.  For creation, I snipped out a leaf, some water, and the sun.

Creation, Stickers through the Bible



After I was done snipping, I hung the visuals (with sticky tack) next to a coordinating coloring sheet I found on Ministry to Children.  After I was done with the lesson, I gave the kids the option of coloring those creation pages or working on creation illustrations of their own.  Before they arrived, I had covered the table with brown paper and when it was art time, I let them go wild.


Stickers through the Bible (6)

Birds and Fish

Stickers through the Bible (9)

People, Water, and The Sun

Stickers through the Bible (8)

People, the Sky and Clouds

Stickers through the Bible (7)

We finished off the mural with a giant “God Made Everything” sign.   The kids loved it!

What about You?

What do you do to keep “classic” Bible accounts fresh and exciting?

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