Creation Story Teaching Script (Genesis 1)

Creation Story Teaching Script (Genesis 1)

During the summer, we like to shake things up a bit.  We love the Questions and Answers we’ve been studying via the Catechism, but summer is a time to be a bit crazy and a little more relaxed.

Wait.  Do those things even go together?

Either way, for our summer curriculum, we’ll be using a few Vacation Bible School programs, spreading them out over five weeks instead of the traditional one week approach. I love using these programs because they are super volunteer friendly, include themed snacks, and usually have high-energy games too.  To start the summer off, we’ll be using the Wacky World of Water curriculum (check out my full review of this program here).

Wacky World of Water VBS (Review)

During large group time, the program suggests having two volunteers serve as Dr. Drip and his assistant Drench.  However, I don’t have any water loving assistant to step to the plate, so I adapted the script a bit and I’ll be teaching the large group lesson as Dr. Drench for the next few weeks.   I love the focus on water and how it gives a new spin some of the classic Bible stories.   For week one, we’ll be focusing on Creation.  If you’d like a copy of my teaching script, God Makes Everything, Including Water grab it below!  If you’re looking to purchase the Wacky World of Water, be sure to use the coupon code GKM2014 to get $25 off.


Wacky World of Water Adapted Script: Week 1

Other Stuff You’ll Need:

  • Lapcoat and Goggles for scientist
  • Water in pitchers, cups, and beakers
  • Small drops of food coloring in a few cups
  • Measuring tools
  • Magnifying glass
  • Scientific calculations and charts hung on wall as backdrop
  • Music Track #1 from Music Inspired By the Story (Creation)

Game Time:

Song Time:

  • Our God by Yancy
  • Dance
  • I Believe in Jesus
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