Daddy Dates: Book Review

Daddy Dates: Book Review

For this book, my husband did the honor of reading and reviewing the book Daddy Dates by Greg Wright.  Here’s what he said:

When my wife and I started to consider kids, we were generally told that boys were great and girls were…well the only advice we got was “LOOK OUT”.  After recently having a daughter myself, I was eager to find a book that could provide some practical insights into being an effective dad.    From the start, Greg used the book Daddy Dates as an effective medium to touch on all the issues that I as a new dad started to fret over.   Girls face tremendous pressure from media, the social scene, as well as at home, and all I wanted was to be a guide through this rough passage.   Even though the idea is simple and spawned from common sense, it is often those small ideas that are overlooked while we search for the great solution.   I am grateful that I came across Daddy Dates as it has given me a new outlook on fatherhood.   It has also given me the courage to have a real and hopefully impactful relationship with my own daughter.    I recommend this book to any struggling or overwhelmed father of girls.

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