Daniel and the Lion’s Den Lesson Script

Daniel and the Lion’s Den Lesson Script

I’ve been reading through the book, The Fabulous Reinvention of Sunday School: Transformational Techniques for Reaching and Teaching Kids based on a recommendation of a CMConnect friend.  It’s got some amazing tips for large group teaching (check out more tips in the discussion forums), one of which is to memorize the lesson.  All of it.

Of course, it’s a huge commitment week in and week out, but I do know that it makes a huge difference in teaching impact when I’m not scrambling around inside of my head trying to remember my next line.

I’ve found that writing out my lesson in its entirety goes a long way in my memorization goal.  This week, I scribbled out the words on scraps of paper while watching my kids play at the Children’s Museum.  I thought I’d make it a little more cohesive by typing it out when I got home and as long as it’s typed, I might as well share it with you!   Grab a copy of my Daniel and the Lion’s Den lesson script below.



Grab it Here!

Since I’m on a quest to improve my Large Group teaching skills, I’d love to hear any suggestions you might have as well!

If you’re looking for crafts, games, and activities to go along with Daniel 6, be sure to check out this post as well!

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