David as King (Sample Lesson from my New Book!)

David as King (Sample Lesson from my New Book!)

Have you had a chance to check out my recently released book: Top 50 Bible Stories for Elementary?  If you’ve been wanting to take a closer peek, you’re in luck!  Today, I’ll be sharing a chapter from the book, all about David.  Stay tuned for a video presentation of the lesson later this week!

Big Idea: God Looks at the Heart

This Week’s Passage: Psalm 119:10-11, 47-48; 1 Samuel 16:7

Memory Verse: People look at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart. (1 Samuel 16:7b)


David spent a long time as a shepherd before he was a king. While he was a shepherd, David spent his time talking to God
and writing songs about him. David grew to love God and he wanted to obey his commands. When Samuel came to David’s
family to anoint a new king, he was surprised that God did not pick one of the tall, strong, older brothers. God looks at the
heart and God wanted a king who would obey him. We can see by David’s actions and David’s words (in the Psalms) that
he loved God and honored him. God wants us to love him with our hearts as well. Open with prayer requests, praises, and a
time of prayer.

Bible Story

Ask: What do you think it means when God looks at the heart? (Allow kids to answer)
Say: When God looks at the heart, he sees the things we love the most. David loved God with his heart and that is what made
him such a good king. David tried to obey God’s commands and do the right thing. Let’s turn in the Bible to Psalm 119:10-11 and 47-48. When Samuel was picking out a new king, God told him not to look at height, strength, or good looks. Let’s read
1 Samuel 16:7. God looks at the heart because that is the most important thing.

Opening Game:

• Everyday objects
• Boxes
• Paper / pencil

Box content suggestions: Teddy Bear, paper clips, tissues, coins, legos or blocks, pair of shoes, wash cloth, pair of socks, ball, crayons, pens, small board books, hair brush, and silverware

Directions: Put everyday objects inside boxes (use the list below to get started). Number the boxes on the outside. Ask a
volunteer (one for each box) to shake the box as the rest of the group listens. Allow kids to guess what is inside and write down
answers, using the box numbers to keep track of each one. When all the boxes have been shaken and guesses have been
made, open up the boxes to reveal what is inside.

Say: We took some guesses about what was inside these boxes, but we didn’t know for sure. Did you know that God knows everything? He knew what was inside these boxes and he knows what is inside of us. He knows what we are thinking and feeling all the time. God looks at the heart and he wants us to love us with everything we have inside.

Object Lesson: X-rays and Seeing the Heart


Ask: What is this a picture of?
Say: It’s pretty crazy that we can see inside a person’s body like this! Doctors can use X-ray machines and sonogram machines
to see inside a person to make sure everything is okay. In our passage today, Samuel the prophet was in charge of picking a
new king for God’s special people, the Israelites. Samuel wasn’t exactly sure what to look for, but God told him to go to the
house of Jesse. (Read 1 Samuel 16:5-13) When Samuel saw the oldest son, Eliab, he was impressed. He must have looked like a movie star or a great athlete. But God was not interested in what Eliab looked like on the outside. God was interested in what was inside. God wanted a king who would be kind to others, who would do the right thing, and who would obey God’s commands. God could tell that Eliab’s heart was not right–and he could do it without any special medical equipment! God chose David to be king because David loved God. God looks at the heart and he wants us to love him too.

Read Psalm 139:23-24. Pray with the kids, asking God to reveal any sin that might be in our lives. Ask God to look at our hearts and help us to love him more.

Additional Optional Activities:

God Looks At the Heart:

Directions: Using white paint (or crayon) and black construction paper, have kids draw a rib cage. In the center of the rib cage, put a heart sticker. At the bottom of the craft, write 1 Samuel 16:7 as a reference for the kids.

Say: When the Bible says, God Looks At the Heart, it means that God cares about the character of a person. In this craft though,
we’ll be taking a more literal approach.


Create in Me a Clean Heart:
Directions: In this activity, kids will write sins on a foam heart (using washable markers). Then, they will wash their hearts
clean in a basin of soapy water.

Say: King David wanted to make sure he was doing the right thing. When he disobeyed God, he asked for forgiveness. God
promises to forgive our sins and make our hearts clean again when we ask him to do so.

Listening Station:
Directions: In this activity, kids use headphones to listen to Scripture based songs. Set up a station in the room with a
few CD players (or ipods) and headphones. Use pillows and cushions to make it comfortable and have a variety of CD’s for
the kids to choose from.

Say: King David continued to write Psalms and songs when he was a king. Let’s spend some time listening to songs written
from verses in the Bible.

Love this Lesson?

Check out more in my newly released book, Top 50 Bible Stories for Elementary. 

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