David didn’t have an iSheep

David didn’t have an iSheep

We had just learned about David in our Wednesday night Kids for Christ program and wouldn’t you know it, he was up to bat again in Children’s Church.  Totally difference curriculum, but same exact Scripture passage. Weird.  Instead of teaching the same lesson, I decided to open it up for a little more audience participation.  We talked about why David was so close to God.  We talked about the songs and poems he wrote while out in the field.

Then I asked the kids what prevented them from growing close to God.  I asked what kinds of things served as roadblocks to having a quiet time with God.  Here’s what they said (and the solutions they came up with):

Too Busy

  • Take just two minutes to pray
  • Pause before starting an activity (such as video games) and spend some time with God first
  • Schedule a regular time so it doesn’t get pushed aside


  • Ask God for help
  • Act the Bible story out
  • Do a coordinating craft
  • Read from a different Bible such as The Action Bible or The Almighty Bible 
  • Tell the story to someone else, perhaps while using puppets


  • Go somewhere new
  • Go where there is no TV
  • Go where there are no windows

Rather Play with Electronics

  • Ask God for help
  • Set a timer (to limit screens)
  • Use a reading plan and check the assignments off


I was so impressed with the kids willingness to work through ideas and their clear desire to have a closer walk with Christ.  I was especially glad when many of them suggested asking God for strength and diligence to get a quiet time done.  It hard for many kids today to find a peaceful moment to really be in God’s presence–between over-scheduling and electronic devices everywhere, it certainly becomes a challenge.

What about you?  How do you encourage your kids to spend time with God?

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