Day 12: Noah’s Ark {31 Days of Bible Crafts}

Day 12: Noah’s Ark {31 Days of Bible Crafts}

Today’s activity coordinates with the story of Noah found in Genesis 6-8.  Of course, almost any animal craft would go with this story, but sometimes it’s fun to take it up a notch.  During our lesson time, I brought a wooden crate to serve as Noah’s ark and added some construction paper waves and little people.

Noah: Crafts and Activities

I started with just the “ark” and the little people (Noah and his family) and then added the water (blue sheet and construction paper waves) as I told the story.

Noah KFC (5)

I even poured water from a watering can over the whole structure.  One of the teachers later told me that she was sure I had a bowl behind the ark to catch the water, but of course, I didn’t actually think to do that.  Crazy kidmin people.

We also played a super fun game of “pin the animal” in the ark.  The closest to the door wins!  This was from a book, but you could easily make your own set by drawing an ark and printing out clip art of animals.  You could even use the “Noah’s Family” clip art from Christian Clip Arts to jazz up the boat.  I would suggest laminating the animals so you can use the set again and again (see my recommendation bel0w).

Noah: Games and Activities

For snack time, my amazing teammate, Paulette, made these origami boats and filled them with animal crackers.  Talk about perfect!  This would also make a great activity for the kids for some hands-on learning.

Noah's Ark: Activities and Crafts

Find out how to make origami boats with this video:

I also made a glitter rainbow once with my home day care kids that would fit perfectly with the Noah’s ark lesson.

You can find the full tutorial for that at this post.

DSCN0935 300x225 Glittery Rainbow {St. Patrick's Day}

More Noah Resources:


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