Day 15: Abraham and Sarah {31 Day of Bible Crafts}

Day 15: Abraham and Sarah {31 Day of Bible Crafts}

As I mentioned yesterday, we’ve been doing stations in our Children’s Church program recently and the kids have been loving it.  It’s been a lot of fun seeing them interact with the Bible in so many different ways and I hope that helps them remember the lesson (and inspires them to share it with others).  To check out more of the posts in this 31 Days of Bible Crafts Series, check out this post.

These stations are based on the story of Abraham and Sarah and the baby they were promised.  The story is found in Genesis 18.

Swaddling Baby Isaac


In this station, kids were taught how to swaddle a baby with a blanket and then given a chance to practice.  They could also rock and “feed” the baby if they wanted to with a pretend bottle.  Of course, the preschool girls really enjoyed this station.

Swaddling Jacob and Esau

Genesis Coloring Pages


In this station, kids were encouraged to color the Genesis coloring page, where the story was found.  They were urged to color well because the best page would be laminated and hung on the wall.  Eventually, the goal is to have the students color every book of the Bible in order to create a laminated border around the room.  These pages came from When One Teaches Two Learn, and you can also find some great Books of the Bible coloring pages on Ministry to Children.

Puzzles and Mazes


Last week, a few of the boys mentioned that they would like to do some word puzzles and games, so I found some really cool mazes that require you to look up verses from the story in order to choose the right back.  The boys really seemed to like it.

Paper Stars

Abraham Trusted God (1)

God promised Abram (Abraham) that he would have more descendants than the stars in the sky.  For this station, we used a fun folding technique to make one cut and produce a star.  It wasted a lot of paper (warning!), but the kids thought it was amazing!  You can find the directions here: Fold and Cut Star Shape.

Starry Night Sky

Abraham Trusted God (2)

At this station, kids used those little office star stickers to decorate a sky (of course, not everyone picked a black night sky!).  When they were finished, I wrote “Abraham Trusted God” on their paper.  Good fine motor skills and some biblical learning!

Abraham Trusted GodFinished Night Sky Projects

What About You?

What projects are you working on this week with your Children’s Ministry kids?

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