Jacob and Esau {31 Days of Bible Crafts}

Jacob and Esau {31 Days of Bible Crafts}

Our Children’s Church program runs from ages 4 until 9, and the combination of ages always varies. This year, about 3 months ago, we suddenly got a very LARGE influx of four year olds and I’ve had to adjust my teaching style accordingly.

We start by gathering kids on a few blankets in the middle of the room for the lesson.  I usually tell or read the Bible story as well as review what we’ve learned in the past few weeks (we’re using Tru curriculum, so everything is along the Big God Story timeline).  After about 10 minutes of lesson and 3 minutes of review questions, I divide the kids up into stations.  I use the handy “Popsicle stick” method — kids get to pick their station as I pick their Popsicle stick.  If we have time, we rotate stations.

Generally there are 3-4 chairs at each station, but sometimes we push more chairs up if the activity allows for many hands to be working at once.

Here are the stations we used during the Jacob and Esau lesson (Genesis 25 and 26).

Station #1: Hairy Baby

Jacob and Esau, Hairy Baby Bible Craft

For this station, I found a twin baby coloring page and had pieces of red yarn precut for “hair”.  The kids were supposed to glue the red hair on the “Esau” baby, though as you can see, both the babies got a little hairy on some papers.  🙂

Station #2: Blessing

Blessing Glitter Craft (Jacob and Esau)

This, of course, is based on the fact that Jacob received the blessing from his father.  For this, I simply printed the word “Blessing” with Microsoft Word and made it outline only.  Then, the kids traced the letters with glue and dumped glitter on it.

Blessing (Jacob and Esau Learning Stations)

There’s nothing like a room covered in glitter that screams “Children’s Ministry!”  If you’d like to print the one we used, just click here.

Station #3: Jacob’s Soup

Jacob and Esau, Making a Stew

This was a big hit.  For this station, I brought in some carrots and celery from home as well as a bag of beans.  I let the kids cut up the veggies with plastic knives and add water to the “soup bowl”.

Jacob's Soup

The room ended up being really fragrant, which was an added bonus.

What About You?

How to you make learning come to life for your kids?

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