Day 17: God Made Autumn {31 Days of Bible Crafts}

Day 17: God Made Autumn {31 Days of Bible Crafts}

Today, we’re going to stray a little bit from Bible stories and focus on how God made everything, including the four seasons.  We read a really simple book called God Provides For Me.

It details a conversation between a baby bear and his mother and how God provides for them in every season.  It’s very short and sweet, but I think it sends a great message to little ones about the order and plan God exhibits over the earth.

So, to celebrate the season we are now in the midst of, we decided to do a fall project with the baby.  It’s hard to find a craft that can hold the attention of a toddler, but one really seems to do the trick.  Ready to make a fall “leaf” place mat?

What You Need:

  • Contact Paper
  • Painter’s Tape
  • Small Pieces of Red, Brown, Orange, and Yellow construction Paper
  • Large piece of dark construction paper (we used black)

What You Do:

Leaf Collage

Lay a large sheet of contact paper out on the table (about twice the size you want your place mat to be), sticky side up.  Secure in place with painter’s tape. Set your child at the table and begin by handing them a piece of construction paper.  Encourage them to stick it on the contact paper and then hand them another piece.

Leaf Collage


Pretty soon they will get the hang of the activity and you can set up a little pile of pieces and (finally!) get your dishes done.

Leaf Collage


Let them continue with the activity as long as they want or until the contact paper is all filled up with scraps.  When your child is finished, place a sheet of dark construction paper on one side the contact paper, and then fold the contact paper in half (with care), pressing the two sticky sides onto the piece of dark paper.

Leaf Collage

Trim up the edges if you’d like and then use it to decorate your table.  Happy crafting!

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