Day #2: Deborah and Barak (31 Days of Bible Lesson Extras)

Day #2: Deborah and Barak (31 Days of Bible Lesson Extras)

Welcome to Day #2 of 31 Days of Bible Lesson Extras.  The complete list (thus far) is a the bottom of each post so you can catch up if you’re just now tuning in.

For today, we’ll be in the book of Judges (Judges 4), talking about Deborah and Barak.  This was originally taught in Children’s Church (ages 4-9) with about 12 kids.  Generally, we teach the lesson and then do a follow-up craft, but for this class, we started with the craft and used it during the lesson time.

Deborah and Barak

I started by giving each of the kids a picture of a sword and a picture of a palm tree and had them start coloring as we talked about our week and shared prayer requests.

Deborah and Barak: An interactive Lesson

Both of these pictures can be found on my Kidmin Coloring Page Pinterest board).

Deborah and Barak (2)

The sword represented Barak and the palm tree represented Deborah.  Once the kids were finished with the pictures (or when 5 minutes was up), I began telling the Bible story.  Whenever the kids heard the name “Deborah”, they held up the palm tree and whenever they heard the name “Barak”, they held up the sword.Deborah and Barak

It was a great way to keep the kids involved in the story all the way through.

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