Day 24: Who’s Who in the Bible {31 Days of Bible Crafts}

Day 24: Who’s Who in the Bible {31 Days of Bible Crafts}

I hope you’ve been enjoying this 31 Days of Bible Crafts series at Growing Kids Ministry!  I can’t believe this month is almost up.  We’ve been busy planning our Halloween Block party and I can’t believe how quickly the big day is coming up.

Today, I’m going to share more of an activity than a craft, but I think you’ll still find it quite useful.  Early this year we went through Zondervan’s “The Story”, and one week we talked about three central characters: Manasseh, Josiah, and Jeremiah.  Before the start of class, I typed up 3-5 facts for each character, based on the day’s lesson in 2 Chronicles.  I had kids pick one fact from the pile and the class decided as a group where that child should hang the fact.

Who's Who in the Bible

It was a great way to compare and contract the characters as well as keep the class engaged with the lesson.

Manasseh, Josiah, and Jeremiah

We also always write the “Big Idea” on the board.  For this lesson, the main concept was: “Good Kings Obey God”.

Good Kings obey God What About You?

What things do you do to keep kids engaged with the lesson?

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