Day 5: David and Goliath Activities and Crafts

Day 5: David and Goliath Activities and Crafts

Welcome to my 31 Days of Bible Lesson Extras!  Here you’ll find games, teaching ideas, crafts, and more for those times when you just need “a little something extra” to round out your time with the kids.  You can check out the complete Table of Contents for this series here.

Today, I’ll be sharing some crafts and activities to coordinate with a lesson from 1 Samuel 17: David and Goliath.

David and Goliath


Station #1: Target Practice

Set up a ladder with a bucket on top.  Draw or tape a face onto the bucket to represent Goliath.

Goliath & David: Crafts and Activities

Add a sheet or other costume if you’d like.  We used something like this Sling Shot (which I understand is probably not what David used) and ping pong balls.   Of course, it was a big hit with the boys, but the girls really got into it too.

Slingslot Goliath


Station #2: Painting Rocks

David kept in constant communication with God and so he knew that God would be with him during the battle with Goliath.  Playing off the of the idea that David took 5 smooth stones from the stream, we had kids paint a smooth flat stone with the words “God is always with me”.  We encouraged kids to put it somewhere so it could remind them to pray and trust in God more.

Five Smooth Stones: God is Always with Me

Station #3: Cotton Ball Sheep

We had done this craft in the past (check out this post or this one for further instructions) and kids always seem to love it, no matter what their age.  I wanted something for the younger kids to do especially and once again, this was a big hit.

Cotton Ball Sheep

Station #4: Books of the Bible

Last year, we worked as a class to make a Books of the Bible border and each week, coloring the pages was one of the available activities.

Books of the Bible Coloring Pages The older boys especially seemed to look forward to “adding to the collection”.   I got many of the coloring pages from Kids Bible Worksheets originally, but now Ministry to Children has added to their coloring pages and I like those even better!

Books of the Bible Border

That’s it for now!  Stay tuned tomorrow for a teaching idea and crafts for Ezekiel’s Dry Bones or head on over to the Table of Contents to see all the posts in this series!

31 Days of Bible Lesson Extras

Photo Credit: Flickr by APitch

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