Day 6: Ezekiel’s Dry Bones {31 Days of Bible Lesson Extras}

Day 6: Ezekiel’s Dry Bones {31 Days of Bible Lesson Extras}

This last spring, we were making our way through the Old Testament with our “Journey through the Old Testament” series.  It began with some Disciple Town curriculum, but we ended up adding quite a bit to it so we could spend longer in each book.   It was great to teach the kids about the divisions in the Old Testament and I feel like the series as a whole helped kids get a better sense of how the stories in the Bible fit together.

When we got to the prophets, it was a bit trickier to develop lessons for the kids.  I was always critical of Children’s Bible’s that skip over the prophecy section of the Old Testament, but I suddenly understood why including these accounts in a kid’s book is so tricky. Ezekiel, in particular, proved to be a difficult book for me!

However, with a little creativity, we made it through and the kids actually seemed to really hang on to that lesson (maybe because they had never heard it before!).

Based on a video I found on youtube, I constructed some scenery to retell the account in Ezekiel 37.

To begin, I used a piece on poster board to attempt to draw some mountains and valley.  Clearly, drawing is not my strong point.

Ezekiel & the Valley of Bones


If you look closely, you can see an extra piece of poster board layered over the original.  Once it is peeled away, this is where the soldiers of flesh will appear later in the story.  For now, it’s just white space, so I had to fill it in to match the top picture.

Ezekiel Vally of Bones (2)

To begin the lesson, I printed off some skeletons and bones and placed them in the valley.

Ezekiel and Valley of Dry Bones (2)

I have to admit, it’s a little creepy looking.   After Ezekiel prophesied to the bones (37:7-8), I peeled away the top layer to reveal some solider below.

Ezekiel and Valley of Dry Bones (1)


Each soldier is attached with a brad at the bottom and also has a paper clip taped to the top of their body.  When we got to verse 10, I used a magnet along the back of the poster board to “stand the soldiers up”.  I did have to tape them in place to stay standing, but the kids still liked the effect!

Crafts and Activities

Q-Tip Bone Man (or woman)


This is a project the youngest group did.  The leader drew the stick figure onto construction paper for the kids.  Then, they were encouraged to draw a face and put the “bones” in place.

Skeleton Man

Box of Bones

I picked up this Box of Bones on Amazon and encouraged the kids to assemble him (affiliate link).  Of course, I got the glow in the dark version which the kids all loved.

To find a few more suggestions, check out the Ezekiel post from our Journey through the Old Testament.

31 Days of Bible Lesson Extras


Tune in tomorrow for lesson extras for Elijah and the Ravens or check out the Table of Contents for all the posts in this series!

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