Day 7: Praying Hands {31 Days of Bible Crafts}

Day 7: Praying Hands {31 Days of Bible Crafts}

In this lesson, we focused on praying for others.  Originally based off the Five Finger Prayer for Children (found over at Ministry to Children), I adapted the lesson a bit to fit our group.

Praying Hand


What You Need:

  • Construction Paper
  • Crayons or Markers
  • Notecards to write prayer requests on
  • Glue

To begin, we talked about the importance of prayer and the different types of prayer (thanksgiving, petition, praise, etc).  Our class gathered together in a circle and each child gave a prayer request as I wrote them down on note cards.  I then redistributed the notecards, and kids spent some time praying for one another’s requests.

After we were done prayer, I introduced the concept of the Five Finger Prayer to the kids.

Praying Hand (1)


In case you can’t read it, the fingers say:

  • Thumb: Family and Friends
  • Pointer: Leaders (president, teachers, pastor, etc)
  • Middle Finger: People Far Away
  • Ring Finger: Weak or Sick
  • Pinkie: Myself

We all traced our hands onto a sheet of construction paper and then filled in the appropriate prayer directions.  After this was complete, the kids glued their assigned prayer request to their paper.  They were encouraged to hang the finished project somewhere where they would see it every day and be reminded to pray for one another.

Praying Hand: Bible Crafts for Kids

What About You?

What kind of activities do you do to encourage kids to pray?

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  1. Cute! Though my kids usually just pray and give thanks for everything, especially whatever they happen to see around the room.
    Katelyn recently posted..What’s up Fagans? Fridays

  2. Hey Katelyn, Thanks for coming by! I know what you mean — last night my 3 year old daughter thanked God for her skin and bones. Strange little one. She also went on this kick where she thanked God for the “fake yac” that we saw at an animal park — that continued for about 3 weeks!

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