Day #8: Showing Kindness (Fruits of the Spirit)

Day #8: Showing Kindness (Fruits of the Spirit)

This project/activity is a great way to get kids thinking about people in their lives that they can show kindness to.  And the sticker aspect also gives them a tangible reminder to show kindness when they head home for the day.

What You Need:

What You Do:

After the lesson on the fruits of the Spirit from Galatians 5, talk as a class about who we can show kindness to.  Ask the kids for some suggestions and then write their ideas in the large circles (God, family, neighbor, friends, enemies) as shown below.

Showing Kindness to Others (Fruit of the Spirit) (1)

After you name some people who you can show kindness to, discuss how you can show kindness to these people.   Write these things in small circles extending off the larger original ones (kind of like a mind map).  For example, we can show kindness to our family by reading together, talking together, or finding a pair of glasses for our mom when she loses them.

Showing Kindness to Others (Fruit of the Spirit) (2)

Tell the kids that we can also show kindness to people by letting them know that we care.  Pass out a sheet (or half sheet) of stickers to the kids and encourage them to fill them out or color them in, saying something nice about someone in their life.

Kindness buttons

Run the stickers through the sticker maker (magical machine!) and have the kids wear them on shirts to take home.

Showing Kindness Buttons


That’s it for now!  Thanks for stopping by my 31 Days of Bible Lesson Extra series.  You can find the full table of contents here!

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