Day 9: Books of the Bible Chart {31 Days of Bible Crafts}

Day 9: Books of the Bible Chart {31 Days of Bible Crafts}

Welcome to Day 9 in the 31 Days of Bible Crafts series.  For a full “table of contents”, be sure to check out this post.  Today, we’ll be doing a craft that will teach the books of Bible and double as a classroom decoration. Ready to get started ?

What You Need:

  • Really long strip of paper (or lots of printer paper taped together)
  • Bibles
  • Markers

What You Do:

Depending on the age of your kids, you could make this Bible project as easy or complicated as you need.  The idea is to put all the “books” in order on one long chart.  You could have kids simply write them in or you could have them color-code them according to history, poetry, etc.  As for us, we’re a mixed age group (ages 4-9), so I tried to make things pretty simple.   I pre-made the book spaces, and write in the correct book of the Bible about every 7th space.   Then, I assigned kids certain sections of the chart and had them fill in the rest of the books.  If the kids were young and couldn’t read or write, they were partnered with an older kid.  The younger child’s job was to hold the Bible in case the older child needed to reference the table of contents.

Books of the Bible Chart


Here’s how the finished charts looked hanging up in the gym (our meeting area for Wednesday night Kid Club).

Book of the Bible Chart

You can take a closer look here:

Book of the Bible Chart

Even though, I’m usually a real stickler for uniformity and neat handwriting, I love how this project really showcases all the kids’ involvement.

What About You?

What kind of activities or projects do you do to teach the Books of the Bible?

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