Days of Creation (Day #17 of Bible Lesson Extra Series)

Days of Creation (Day #17 of Bible Lesson Extra Series)

Welcome to day #17 of the 31 days of Bible Lesson Extra series!   This series is designed to help you when you just need “a little extra something” for your lesson.  In this series, you’ll find crafts, games, different ways of presenting a lesson and much more.  Check out the complete Table of Contents here.

Today, I’ll be showing you a way to teach about the days of Creation. I don’t know about you, but it seems like this passage comes up A LOT in Children’s Ministry and it is sometimes challenging to come up with a “fresh” way of teaching Genesis 1.   I’m not one to dwell on “what was created on what day”, but sometimes it does give a good framework for telling the story.

To illustrated the different parts of creation, I used these digital felt creations (love them!).  To being, I printed them in color and then laminated them (mostly because I’ll use any excuse to laminate).

Days of Creation

Then, I wrote the numbers 1-7 across the board before the kids arrived.  I encouraged the kids to get our their Bibles (or use a class Bible) and tell me what goes on each day.  Kids raised their hands to answer and if they were correct, I gave them the appropriate figure/art to put on the board.

Days of Creation


As we went through the various days, we reminded ourselves that God made all things for His own glory (in case you’re wondering, right now, we’re using the Gospel Project curriculum).

Days of Creation collage

After the lesson was complete, kids looked through nature magazines to make their own “For God’s Glory” collage.

What kinds of things do you do to teach about creation?

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