Decorating for Summer Blast {VBS}

Decorating for Summer Blast {VBS}

For our VBS program this year, we did something a little non-traditional by running it for four Wednesdays instead of a straight week.   We did a few other things differently, but you can read all about that in this post.  One of the nice side-effects of having a summer program for a whole month is that the sanctuary got some fun Summer decorations for a month.   We focused mainly on the sanctuary since that’s where we were doing our lesson and singing time, but we did add a few other decorations through-out the church (like a giant turtle sandbox by the coat racks).   Here’s what the sanctuary looked like:


We started with some fun blue fringe (with summer decorations) on the edge around the stage.  This made a great “first impression” when you walked in the doors to the Sanctuary.  You can find the fringe at Oriental Trading.  We had to safety pin this to the carpet to get it to stick.  You could also use those velcro dots too.

We put some Palm Tree cut-outs up front.  There’s also a blow-up palm tree in the corner there.

Here’s how we marked the rows for each group to sit in.

For the first week, I hung signs in trees next to each craft table, designating the craft for the night.  A couple of the teachers starting hanging their sample crafts in the trees.  Way better idea!

Blow-up fish hanging from each of the light fixtures.

These were left over from when we did Splish Splash Bible Bash a few years ago (Waterworks VBS).  They are just suns cut out of orange and yellow construction paper and then glued together.  We safety pinned these to the last chair on each row.

Walking into the Sanctuary doors.  Altogether, we spent less than $80 on our decorations.  We probably would have spent even less if I would have checked the storage closet BEFORE I ordered decorations.  Oh well.  Everyday is a learning experience!

What about you?

How are you decorating for Vacation Bible School?  Or any other special event?

Leave me a comment or link up to your posts!

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