Digging Deeper

Digging Deeper

For our Wednesday night Kids for Christ group, I am a small group leader of the aged 9-11 girls. The girls have journals with questions in them about the night’s lesson. The questions are designed to help them think about key elements and then to apply the lesson to life.

Usually, the girls race through the questions and then goof off the rest of the time. This week, however I decided to challenge the girls a bit. We were talking about how to be salt and light for Christ. They were asked to write three ways they could do this. Without exception the girls all wrote things like “Be nice. Be sweet. Be cool”.

Pretty shallow answers if you asked me.

I tried to dig deeper. I asked what they could do to make a difference for Christ. One girl suggested helping her mom with the dishes. While this is of course, a good answer, being the salt and light means being a witness to those who don’t know Christ. After a brief silence, one of the girls talked about some classmates that watched things she didn’t think were appropriate. We talked about how we could make a difference in this situation.

Then, we talked about what to do if members of your family members want to watch something that you don’t feel comfortable watching. I was surprised at how concerned the girls were about this. They were really wrestling with how to do the right thing, without sticking out like a sore thumb.

We role-played some things they could say to their cousins in that situation.  We talked about the slow decline of standards: how when we start to watch something that “isn’t so bad”, suddenly things that are pretty bad begin to look “not so bad”, and so on.

One girl confessed…”Yeah, it’s like that when I listen to the radio. At first, the swearing really bothered me, but now I don’t even hear it.” It was amazing. Based on some of their previous answers, I was beginning to doubt these girls were capable of thinking that much into things, but here we were!

I was so grateful that God provided that opportunity. I believe the girls are really starting to challenge themselves and wrestle with what it means to be a true Christian. In our ministry, we call this a Vision Moment because we saw our vision for the ministry come to life that night. I hope many more will come in the near future.

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