Do Not Fear Puppet Skit

Do Not Fear Puppet Skit

Here’s a Halloween puppet skit I created for our upcoming Pumpkin and Pajama party.

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Scaredy-cat Scarecrow

A puppet skit about fear and the God who can overcome it.

Sam: Hey kids!  My name is Sam the Scarecrow.  {Jumps and looks behind him}  What was that?  Did you guys hear something?

Leader: I didn’t hear anything.  Did you kids?

Sam:  {Relaxes} Oh, okay.  I just thought… wait!  Who’s that?

Leader:  That’s just one of our leaders for tonight.  Perfectly safe.

Sam: Right.  Of course.  I’m just being silly.

Leader: You seem pretty nervous Sam.  Is there something you’d like to talk about?

Sam: Well, it’s a little embarrassing.  I mean… I’m supposed to be tough.  I’m a scarecrow.  I’m supposed to scare other things.. you know, keep them out of the garden…crows, rabbits, you know the whole thing… but it seems like I’m scared of everything.  Especially…. Well…

Leader:  Especially what?

Sam:  Well, it seems like during this time of year, there’s a lot more to be scared about.

Leader:  Hmm… could you tell us a little more?

Sam: The decorations in the stores – skeletons, ghosts, spiders, and other gross stuff

Leader:  I see what you mean

Sam:  And the stuff on TV… scary stuff.

Leader:  I think I know what you’re talking about

Sam:  And sometimes even the kids at school.  Of course, I don’t go to school – I’m a scarecrow!  But this last week, I saw some kids walking around outside (from my spot in the yard). I think they were on their way home from school.. and they were dressed up… and I have to tell you… a couple of the kids did not look too pretty.

Leader:  I see… I see…

Sam:  I just don’t know how to be brave with all this scary stuff around.

Leader:  It sounds like you need a little help.  Do you think he could use a little help kids?

{Allow kids to respond}

Leader:  Well, there are quite a few accounts in the Bible about people who were scared too.

Sam:  Really?  I thought the Bible was full of tough guys and heroes and stuff.

Leader:  Well, the Bible is full of heroes, but they didn’t get that way on their own.  God made them that way.  In fact, in Sunday church, we’ve been learning about a guy named Gideon.

Sam:  Gideon huh?  That’s a name you don’t hear every day.

Leader:  Um, right.  Anyway – Gideon was so scared of his neighbors that he was shaking out the wheat (that’s something they did a lot of back in the day) in a hole… in the ground.  Very silly. Suddenly, an ANGEL appeared to him and said… wait, I’ve got it right here… Judges 6:12 “When the angel of the LORD appeared to Gideon, he said, “The LORD is with you, mighty warrior.”

Sam: He doesn’t sound like much of a warrior.  He sounds like a scaredy cat like me.

Leader:  Exactly!  He wasn’t brave at first, but God helped him to become brave.  Pretty soon, he was the leader of an army and they won!  Not just by a little bit either, they REALLY won.

Sam: Wow. Anyone else?

Leader:  There’s a lot more.  Too many to list tonight, but I’ll give you one more example.  In Children’s Church this Sunday we learned about Elijah.  He prayed to God and God proved He was the One True God by sending fire from heaven.  Right after that, Elijah got scared. He ran away from everyone and hid.

Sam: Yep.  Typical scaredy-cat behavior.

Leader:  Right.  Well, here in 1 Kings 19, we read that God sent an angel to encourage Elijah and the next thing you know, Elijah is boldly going to talk to the King and tell him what’s up.

Sam:  Go Elijah!

Leader: God can help you too, Sam.  Check out Isaiah 41:10. Here, you can read it from my Bible.

Sam: “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

Leader:  Hey… you know what?  That reminds of a song!

Sam: Yeah, I hear that happens a lot…

Leader: Can we have our puppet singers?

[Lead “Do not Fear” song]

Sam:  You know, this has been really helpful.   Not only do I have some stuff in the Bible I can read, now I have a great song which is actually a BIBLE VERSE to help me too.   Thanks.   {Exits stage singing the song}

Leader: See you!  God will be with you kids too, no matter what you’re worried about.  He doesn’t always send an angel that you can see, but trust me, they are there and they will help you.  Let’s pray.

These coloring pages from Ministry to Children would go great with this puppet skit!


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