Easter Activities for Teens

Easter Activities for Teens

Easter is just around the corner and we’re busy planning menus and activities for the kids.  In our extended family, the kids are getting older (teens already!) and the Easter egg hunt is just not as thrilling as it used to be!  🙂  So, I set out in search of a few older activities that the kids might enjoy.


There’s nothing like some games to liven up the party, right?  Minutes to Win It Style games are perfect for family get-togethers because they are quick, exciting and people can jump in and out with ease.  So, I set out in search of Easter-themed Minute to Win it Games.  Here’s what I discovered:

Pencil Bounce

Pencil Bounce from Simply Homeschool 

The object of this game is to bounce 10 Spring or Easter pencils into a cup in one minute or less.   Harder than it sounds!

Jelly Bean Toss

Lifeway Kids has some GREAT games in this post, complete with videos!!   I especially love this Jelly Bean toss game, but I’m sure my mom won’t appreciate finding jelly beans all over her floor for weeks!

I think we will give this Peanut Butter whistle game a try — anything for an excuse to eat a peanut butter egg!

You can also score 10 FREE EASTER MINUTE TO WIN IT GAMES from Children’s Ministry Deals!  

Check it out here!! 

The Egg Drop

Egg Drop

This is a game I used to love from Youth Camp.  The idea is to build an cushioning system for your (hard-boiled) egg.  Everyone drops their egg from a high place (my parents back porch will be perfect for this!) and whoever survives wins!  Participants must build with whatever materials they are given.   Some ideas include tape, newspaper, old berry containers, or old egg cartons.

Still Thinking….

I’m still thinking of a few more ideas including a reverse egg hunt, but wanted to get you started with some ideas!

UPDATE: Find details for the Reverse Easter Egg Hunt here!!

What About You?

What kind of older kid activities do you do at Easter time?


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