Easter Egg Event: The Story of Jesus

Easter Egg Event: The Story of Jesus

Easter is one of those all-important times to welcome guests and share Jesus in a way that is fun and easy for everyone to understand.  We’ve been doing an Easter Egg hunt type of event for a few years, but last year we wanted to really make sure families walked away knowing the true story of Easter.

Church Easter Event

Our outreach director, Anne, found this terrific booklet over at Ministry to Children and we decided to give it a try (shown above).

Easter Event

Basically, the idea is to have multiple stations with eggs.  Each station is a part of the Easter story and each has an activity for families to do together.   We made a few adaptations, but the basic idea is the same.

Easter Event

For example, at this station, kids took a green egg home filled with a packet of seeds.  The paper explains how Jesus helps us to grow and encourages kids to draw a picture of their seeds fully grown.

Easter Event


At this station, bubbles are hidden inside the orange egg.  Kids are encouraged to blow the bubble and imagine Jesus returning to heaven after the resurrection.

Easter Event: Our Gym Setup

More Stations

In addition to these egg stations, we also had a few of our favorite stations from past Easter events, including the furry critter station!

Easter Event (10)


A few church families brought in their furry critters for kids to pet and hold.  Of course, everyone loves this station!

Easter Event (12)


We also had a Sing-a-Long and movie station where we watched a quick video about Easter and sang a few Easter-related songs (and we gave out some candy!)

Easter Event

Here’s the video we showed the kids (love it!):

God’s Story: Easter from Crossroads Kids’ Club on Vimeo.

Here’s my teen helpers passing out some candy!

Easter Event (1)

Of course, we had people register as they came in so we could follow up with them.  We also had little bags for their eggs.

Easter Event

The Registration Table is a great job for some of the newer people to get involved with.  Short commitment and not too much responsibility, but they get to meet some new friends and get involved in the excitement!

Easter Event

Families really seemed to enjoy the event and I hope they learned a lot about Easter as well!

Easter Event (18)

What About You?

What kind of Easter event do you host?  How does the community respond?   I’d love to hear about it!

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