Easter Egg Hunt: Change in Plans

Easter Egg Hunt: Change in Plans

Our Easter Egg Hunt was scheduled for Palm Sunday (yesterday).  Though we prayed for good weather, we did not get it. (That happens sometimes!).  However, our Easter Egg Hunt Organizer came up with a new plan, based on stations.  Here’s the letter to our volunteers, explaining how the day would work.  I’m happy to report things went great!  It might be something to think about it your Easter Egg Hunt gets rained out!  (Names may or may not have been changed to protect the innocent).

To All Easter egg Hunt Helpers:

This is an outline of how things will run on Sunday.

Greeters (Sandra, Dennis) will be in place at the entrance to the gym. These are in addition to the regular greeters at front door. They will give everyone a warm welcome and show them to the registration table.  The doors will be closed to Easter egg hunt goers until 10:00. Those going to the regular adult Sunday school classes will of course be allowed in.  This is to make sure that all of the stations have ample time to set-up.

The registration table (Shakira, and Kaleb) will be set-up in the area between the infant nursery and classroom 108.  The registration table team will fill out a registration slip for each family and give the children each a bag to put their eggs in.  The bag will also contain an orientation sheet that explains how the Easter Egg Hunt will run and general information about the church.

After that the families will be able to move to the various stations at their convenience. There will be team members (Bonnie, Alan, Makayla, Susan) at each station handing out Easter eggs the stations are as follows:

  • Refreshments (Rechael, Donner, and Caren with Bonnie in charge of eggs)-Orange juice, coffee, doughnut holes, and whatever else can be found for a reasonable price will be served in the back of the gym near the kitchen.  There will be coloring sheets on the tables.  Kids earn eggs by coloring the pictures.
  • Family Photos (Larry and Charlotte with Stephanie in charge of eggs) – Family photos will be taken in the between classrooms 108 and 107. The family name and email address will be entered on the photo record sheet so that each family can receive their photo. Kids earn eggs by smiling nicely for the photo.
  • Bunnies (Joe and Dan with Andy in charge of eggs) – Live bunnies will be located at the back of the gym near the storage room. The kids will be allowed to pet and perhaps hold the rabbits (depending on how the rabbits feel about it).
  • Puppet Show- (Peggy and Puppeteers with Mickey in charge of eggs) – the puppet show will be preformed twice. An announcement will be made when the show is to begin so that the audience can gather.  Families can choose which performance they wish to watch. Eggs can be distributed before or after the show.
  • Songs – Songs will be sung for about 7-8 minutes with a 5 minute break in between.

At promptly 11:00 the Easter egg hunt will end, so that the set-up team (Dan, Solomon, Hosea, and Dave) will have time to set-up the Tables and chairs for the dinner.


Here’s our Family Picture from the Event!

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