Egyptian Costume Ideas

Egyptian Costume Ideas

Walk like an Egyptian…

and look like one too!

Looking for some Egyptian Accessories for your Vacation Bible School?  Check out some of these sites:


Bald head covering – for the Joseph who doesn’t want to shave his head for the role (or has been forbidden by his wife to do so!)  $3.47

Arabian Mantle Head covering – great for male shop keepers or family leaders $9.97

Gold Egyptian Crown Headpiece – $29.97

Cleopatra Beaded Headpiece – $22.97


Cleopatra Headpiece (One-Size) $9.99.  Hurry! Only 3  in stock!

Egyptian Collar $12.74

Gold Egyptian Headband $3.95  + 5.99 shipping

19391 Cleopatra Beaded Headpiece $12.98 + $4.00 shipping


Egyptian Wristbands $6.99

Snake Earrings $3.99

Cleopatra Wig $8.99

Egyptian Adult Sandals $12.99

Beaded headpiece $13.99 Lots of different colors, very elaborate.  In stock, ready to ship!

Also, check Old Navy.  I know the one in Erie, PA has white skirts on clearance.  Perfect for completing this Egyptian look.  Let me know what you’ve done to outfit your VBS!

Check Out the Whole Thrify Egyptian Series!

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