Elijah, The Widow and King Ahab: Bible Based Game

Elijah, The Widow and King Ahab: Bible Based Game

Okay, I know this series is supposed to be about CRAFTS, but I love this game and wanted to share it with you, so I’m sure you’ll let it slide right?   To check out all the posts from the 31 Days of Bible-Based crafts, head on over to the Road Map.

Elijah and King Ahab: Relay Race Game

This game could easily be adapted to any Bible story game, but we used it with Elijah (God Provides), so the pictures will be taken from the 1 Kings 17 passage. Start by printing off clip art pictures from the Bible account.  We used bread, water, a raven, a king (Ahab), sticks, and a sick person.  This is the point sheet we used for the game, but the kids didn’t know about the point values before we started.

Elijah and Raven Point game (3)


Print off enough clip art pieces so there will be 2 or 3 for each kid in the program. Cut them out and sticky tack them to a wall.

Elijah and Raven Point game (1)


Have kids line up in teams (5-10 kids per team) across the room.  When it is time to start, kids will run across the room, relay race style, and grab a clip art picture off the wall.   Set the timer for 3-5 minutes.  Kids continue to run and take turns as long as there is time.  When the timer beeps, kids collect all the pictures they have as a team and add up the score.

Elijah and Raven Point game (2)


Of course, they are a little more selective the second time you play the game (especially if they can see through the paper a little bit), but it’s still a bunch of fun!  If you have a bunch of teams, it’s good to have point sheets available for each team so an adult can help add up the score quickly.

Elijah God Provides Game


Have fun!


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