Engaging Kids in the Classroom: Auditory Learner

Engaging Kids in the Classroom: Auditory Learner

Welcome to Post #3 in the Engaging Kids in the Classroom through Learning Styles series.

The first type of learner we will look at is the auditory learner.   Lecture-style teaching is great for an auditory learner, but there are plenty of other ways to engage this student.  Auditory (or aural) learners love to hear what they are learning.   Music, sound effects and even changing the volume of your own voice will go a long way in teaching this type of learner.

Keeping Kids Engaged in the Classroom

In Your Weekly Routine

Classroom Chants: Incorporate chants or jingles into your classroom routine each week.  If you coordinate motions or make an accompanying visual chart, you’ll cover a few types of learners in one activity and you’ll probably get better listeners too!  Commercial jingles are catchy for reason – get God’s word stuck in your students’ heads with a fun rhyme!   We frequently use a quick chant for reminding kids what books are included in the four gospels.  You could do the same with bible facts, expected classroom behavior, or even components of a week’s lesson.

Keeping Kids Engaged in the Classroom

The Bottom Line: Every good Sunday school lesson has a bottom line (the main point).  Make it a habit to say the key point or the day’s “Big Idea” (and have the kids say it too) several times throughout your time together.  Often curriculums will provide a “bottom line”, but you can make your own as well.  Just make sure it’s short, easy to say, and easy to remember!

Big idea design

While Teaching

Do You Hear What I Hear? Did you hear a great song on the radio this week that coordinates with the lesson?  Grab the MP3 on Amazon or iTunes and play it for your students.  Be sure to print out the lyrics too, so kids can follow along with the words.

Listen up kids!

Background Music: If you’re teaching an especially sad or emotional account from the Bible, consider playing some soft or heart-tugging music in the background.  If you’re teaching about a battle or monumental even, consider an epic track from a hit movie.  Music without words would be best and make sure starting and stopping the music won’t be too much of a distraction.  The Story Soundtrack by Zondervan has some great tracks that could be used for this.  I also recently stumbled upon an artist named Lindsey {s}terling who has some terrific instrumental music.  Browse around online or in your CD collection to see what you can find!

That Reminds Me of a Song!: When I first started in Children’s Ministry, we had a pretty small crowd.  As I taught the lesson I would often pause and say “That reminds me of a song!” and then we would all sing a song together (with music).  Now that our crowd is a little bigger, we can’t do this “start and stop” style of singing as much, but it might be great for a smaller Sunday school class.

Bible Bingo:  Need a 10 minute game to fill the time at the end of your class?  Play a round of Bible Bingo!  Kids will hear the books of the Bible and will grow more familiar with the names.  Even pre-readers can play this if you display the book name after you call it out.   Find some great pre-made Bingo cards at Bible Story Printables (see resources for web address).

Audio Books: Every once in awhile, it’s nice to hear someone else’s voice teaching the lesson.  There are several Bible-based story CD’s for kids (we listen to Teddy Bear Bedtime Bible Stories  at our house) or you could use a website like Bible Gateway  or an app like Bible.is to read the Scripture passage out loud for the kids.

Let’s Review: When reviewing the lesson at the end of class time, be sure to review orally from time to time.  Asking review questions out loud and having kids raise their hands to answer them is a great way to help an auditory learner close out the day.

In Classroom Decorations and Displays

Music! : You can’t exactly make auditory classroom decorations, but you can have music playing as kids enter and exit your class.  Pick music that is going to set the mood for the type of lesson you have planned for the day.   You can also play soft music during prayer times in order to set the tone for worship through prayer.

Buzzers: I spotted a fun set of buzzers on Pinterest the other day (you can snag them at Amazon).  This would be a great way to play a team review game.  Another idea is to assign a few kids as “sound the alarm” people.  Their job is to listen for key words and hit the buzzer whenever the key words are said (like in the game TabooTM).

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