Enjoy Movies Your Way!

Enjoy Movies Your Way!

Want clean movies? Now you can watch movies your way!

enJoy Movies Your Way is a new Windows software program that gives parents complete editing control over content in DVD movies. The software allows parents and their children to comfortably enjoy a movie “your way” without having to worry about stumbling upon unwanted scenes

enJoy_Logo_Description_300xTraci Dysart, the architect behind this system, was inspired to create the new software when her ten-year-old son wanted to watch the movie Transformers, which is rated PG-13. “Transformers is an inspiring movie about good versus evil and I wanted to show it to him, but it has violence and sexual content that I didn’t want my young son to see,” said Ms. Dysart. “I didn’t want to rely on what someone else said was appropriate, and since I couldn’t find a tool that gave me total control to skip over the parts I considered inappropriate for him, I decided to make one.”

The new software can be used in two ways: 1) parents can use filters from the commercial filter library (these filters can be customized), or 2) parents can create their own filters. In addition, the DVD movie filters can be tailored to different members of the household. Parents can create a profile for each member of the family and select the category and intensity level appropriate for the viewer. This enables Dad and little Susie to see different versions of the same movie.



enJoy Movies Your Way was designed to be a low-cost solution for parents. The computer program is free and the monthly membership is only $2.00 to $3.00, depending on the desired membership. For more information, visit www.enjoymoviesyourway.com.

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