Everyday Emmanuel: Christmas as a Family!

Everyday Emmanuel: Christmas as a Family!

Do you have a fun family tradition for Christmas time?  I am loving all the advent calendars on Pinterest this year!  There are so many great programs out there for families to use to make Christmas meaningful, but I wanted to share one Everyday Emmanuel from the makers of What’s in the Bible?

Pick up your copy by clicking the picture above.  Price is currently $9.99!


  • How absolutely basic it is.  They don’t assume that parents do this sort of thing every year and they don’t presume that you’ve got tons of time to invest in this project either.  The e-book provides step-by-step instruction for creating a fun, easy advent calendar and even includes a page you can print to create the heading!
  • Full color page of What’s in the Bible puppets!  My kids are little young to appreciate this, but the kids at church will absolutely go nuts over them.  We’ve been watching a few episodes of “What in the Bible” during the last few months and they find the characters hilarious!
  • Explanation of Advent and the Advent wreath (as well as options if you don’t want to create a wreath!)
  • The online videos to accompany the lessons/activities.  I know my daughter thinks “watching things on the computer” is some kind of celebration, so she would really get a kick out of these videos!
  • All the printables — you don’t even have to think of your own family activities!  This e-book provides a host of ideas for you to choose from.
  • Not too much stuff.  If you follow the design of the e-book, you do candles of Advent on Sunday and Big Questions about Christmas on Thursday.   The other days are left for fun family activities from the advent calendar.
  • Easy Easy crafts – the focus on this e-book is more discussion and togetherness.  There are several scriptures to read (on Sundays) as well as song suggestions. For the craft/ornament, a simple word outline can be printed out and decorated.  I think this certainly cuts down on the stress of having to gather (and buy!) materials and get all the family organized in order to complete a complex project.  You can even print JUST the words (no instructions) on pages 46 and 47 to save on ink!
  • I mentioned before that family activity suggestions are provided, but this e-book even breaks them down into time required (10 minutes, 1 hour, etc).    Looking over the list, all of the suggestions look like great ideas!  Some center on family time, some focus on serving others, some are stuff you would do anyway (wrap presents), and some seem like they would create some really cherished memories!
  • Memory Verse cards!  If you print page 61 or 62, every member of the family can have a little pocket memory verse to learn over the season.  Great way to focus on Scripture in a fun way!  There are even coloring pages for the memory verse.
  • Family and Friend coupons!  At the very end of the book is a whole page of family and friend coupons you can stick inside a card or gift so a loved on can get $5 off at WhatsintheBible.com.  Seriously, these people thought of everything!!

You could also grab “Why Do We Call it Christmas?” at the same time and get 50% off both!

Everyday Emmanuel

Grab yours today!

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