Fall Block Party: Pumpkin Sign Up Sheet

Fall Block Party: Pumpkin Sign Up Sheet

It’s that time of year again: Halloween.  Time for churches to decide how they are going to address this controversial holiday.  We’ve been doing a block party for about 3 years now (read my reasoning here).  This year, we’re adding glow-in-the-dark balloons with our church’s name imprinted on them, so I’m pretty excited about that (pictures to come!).

As with last year, we decided to do our main recruitment with a pumpkin sign-up board.  However, we also included a sign up form in the bulletin.  I find that if people can check things off and put the form right in the offering plate, sign-ups go way up.  Here’s what our sign up form looked like:

As for our Pumpkin Board, here’s a look at that:

Pumpkin Sign Up Board for Halloween Fall Block Party

As a reminder, last year’s pumpkin board looked like this:

Pumpkin Announcement

This year, we have some new Jr. Assistants on the team (preteens), and they worked with me to make the sign-up poster.  We used one of those thick foam poster boards and printed off pumpkin templates (I used this one) onto orange card stock.  The kids cut out the pumpkins and colored the leaves green and then I wrote in the jobs.  We glued them on together and then added the fun confetti/leaf looking finish.  For that, we just cut up scraps of red, yellow, orange, and brown paper and then glued it at random.  I love how it turned out!

Pumpkin Sign Up Board for Halloween Fall Block Party


Close-up of the Jobs (People sign up on the line below)

Harvest Party Fall Festival Sign up Poster

Close up of the Confetti and the “Save the Date” pumpkin

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