Family Activity Friday: Toddlers

Family Activity Friday: Toddlers

If the weather in your neck of the woods is anything like it is here in Pennsylvania, you’re probably looking for some great rainy day activities.   Here’s a line of up daily activities for your next week:

Window Art

I picked up some dry erase crayons at Discount School Supply for $3.99, but you might be able to find them at Walmart or a craft store as well.  I let the kids draw on the windows (we’ve got some full length windows on three of our doors).  Afterwards, just spray with Windex and wipe off with a rag.  Easy clean-up!  (If you’ve got some preschoolers, they’ll love this activity too!)

Water Play

We spied a baby pool at Kmart the other day for $12.  You can put your toddler in it (sans clothes for easy clean-up) along with a some bowls of water, measuring cups, and other water tools.  Put them in the kitchen you can just mop up the mess if it spills over a bit.   If by chance you get an especially nice day, drag the whole set up to the porch or yard and have a watery blast!

Crafty Fun

Here’s some great ideas for little hands:

Mr. Octopus

Egg Carton Caterpillar

Cloud Painting

Zippy Sponge Painting (Clean!)

Virtual Zoo

You don’t have to go outside to go to the zoo.  Check out these fun videos to see all kinds of animals!

Leftover Easter Egg Fun

Got some leftover plastic eggs?  Try these activities to practice colors or make a super cute caterpillar.

What about you?

Got a favorite activity or project site?  Let me know in the comments (comments usually close 2 weeks after a post is written).

If you and your spouse are looking for some time away to rekindle the flame, be sure to check out MomTrusted.  They are a community connecting parents with child care and early education providers in their area. The service is free for parents to search for and hire care providers (no subscription fee, etc).  Whether you need a Nanny, one-time sitter, or preschool, this site is worth taking a look at.  You can chat online with other moms in the area (perhaps finding a stay-at-home mom friend!), check out reviews for local preschools and see ratings on sitters.

Another great resource is Varsity Learning Tools which hundreds of diagnostic tests and added a free iPad and iPhone app that allow students to access 50,000 professionally written questions on the go. 

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  2. Packing up and going out camping could be a fantastic way to devote family time – our kids love it

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