No Sew Super Why Inspired Cape

No Sew Super Why Inspired Cape

This last Wednesday was SUPER HERO night for our midweek Kids Club. My 2 year old son isn’t quite into the Marvel characters yet, but he’s been a big fan of Super Why for awhile now, so we went with a Super Why inspired cape.

Cloud Super Why

Want to make your own no-sew cape?  Follow along!

What You’ll Need:

  • A yard of blue jersey knit fabric (I got mine at for $6/yard)
  • Sharp scissors (Fabric scissors or New Scissors)
  • Circular object to trace (I used a pan)
  • White Dimensional Paint
  • Green Dimensional Paint
  • Light Blue Dimensional Paint (optional)
  • Old towel or newspaper to lay under fabric/cape
  • Ruler or measuring tape

What You Do:

Begin by cutting your fabric in a rectangle 40″ in length and 32″ in width, using your super sharp scissors.  Knit fabrics do not fray, so there is no need to hem the fabric.

Place your fabric on a table covered with a towel or newspaper and trace your circular object.  I used fabric chalk for my circle, but you can use pretty much anything since it will be covered with the dimensional paint soon.

No Sew Super Why Cape

Measure to find the  center of the circle and draw a line (used for the question mark later).

Using the white dimensional paint (sometimes called puffy paint), trace your circle.

No Sew Super Why Cape

Using the middle line as a guide, sketch a question mark in your circle and then trace over it with your green dimension paint.


Allow green paint to dry (30 minutes) and then outline the question mark in either light blue dimensional paint or white.


Finished! Allow cape to dry at least 3-4 hours before letting a preschooler run around with it.

No Sew Super Why Cape

Super Why to the Rescue!   To secure the cape around the neck, you could simple tie the ends in a knot or you could use these super fabulous KAM Snap Pliers  (affiliate link).

No Sew Super Why Cape


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  1. My kids just started watching some Super Why on Amazon. I think they really like it. Love the no-sew aspect of this cape too. 😉
    Katelyn F recently posted..The Terrible Fours – Handling the Attitude

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Katelyn!

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